Visible Listening Through iPads

IMG_3769 (3)
We’re kicking off our first blog post with a photo showing our spring 2014 interns engaging in “visible listening” by collaboratively documenting and reflecting on their materials through the iPad’s Pinterest app (Rinaldi 2001). As a Reggio inspired community college teacher education department, we sought to find a digital tool that would enhance the concept of “teachers as innovators in their own right”(Fraser 2012). With the iPad’s portability, camera and note taking functions, we are seeing an increase in both our students’ understanding of how relationships are formed with the materials they are developing for the children in their classroom and in the creativity of their invitations to play and explore for their children.

This “visible listening” can be largely attributed to our students’ usage of Pinterest as a curation, creative and collaborative tool (Rinaldi 2011). When they take on the role of teacher as researcher through Pinterest, they internalize the Reggio inspired concept of image of the child as capable and competent. We have documented the growth and depth of the materials they have created and their subsequent increased confidence as teachers as innovators. We hope you will find inspiration in our blog of ways to use the iPad as another material in your early childhood to higher education classroom to grow your students learning.

Fraser, S. (2012). Authentic childhood (3rd Ed.) Scarborough: Nelson Canada

Rinaldi, C. (2001). Documentation and assessment: What is the relationship?

In C. Fiudici, C. Rinaldi, & M. Krechevsky (Eds.) Making learning visible:

Children as individual and group leaders. Reggio Emilia Italy: Reggio




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